Monthly Archives: August 2011

Hello world!

Welcome to Crystal Stara! A Circle of Light created to heal the Great Mother!

Have you ever stopped to think how the Great Mother is being affected in this day and age, by pollution and the other damaging effects caused by us humans. Many people are living an eco-friendly lifestyle to try and overcome this damage, however I feel we need to do something more and pray in ritual to help heal Her! I created this Circle to bring together people of like mind to join as One and bring their special gifts of healing to the Great Mother. We can do everything within our own power to aid Mother Earth and by making a pledge to join us you are helping with this healing. Please feel free to make this pledge as you see fit, do something that rings sense to you personally. If each and every one of us did something small, the sumtotal of this healing would be huge!

My personal gift is with crystal healing and I pray with crystals for healing of the Earth. I place crystals on my altar with the intent of healing and create a garden altar with sculptures and flowers to help bring joy to the Earth. Please take a look at our website Crystal Stara for more guidance and ideas and here there is a place where you can get-in-touch to

If crystals interest you, these wise ancient beings of our planet, that can bring so much hope to your life, then please look at our Sister site where you can find more details of Crystal Healing

I hope this has inspired you to action where you can help. Any action that you feel benefits the Earth is good, however we will also be making prayers together to bring a spiritual element into this Circle.

Please take the time to pray this prayer to the Earth whenever you have a moment:-

“Great Mother Earth! We come to you with open hearts and willing minds, Please guide us in how we may best help you heal,

We are ready and able to do all we can to aid you, Please give us the wisdom to act in a righteous way,

May we give thanks for all you give us; food, shelter, clothes, warmth, company wherever we go!

May we find the strength to help you overcome,

Please may My heart be guided and my will be strong,

Kind Blessings!”