Prayer of Yule

The blessing of the Heavens over the Callanish Stones

The light of a Rainbow touches the sky over Callanish

As the Winter turns toward the Spring, so our thoughts turn to hopes and dreams for the coming year! This year is a very special one of the coming of the Golden Age in 2012, the promise of a new paradise! The Earth’s evolution and that is of Us too as Mankind! We are evolving into a new realm of awareness where there is Co-Creation of Our worlds!

Let us pray as the Wheel turns again into the coming of promise,

The promise of a new beginning for all of Us

We have much to do this year ahead,

Much to celebrate and to prepare,

Let us become aware!

Of all that is to come,

Beneath the Moon, Stars and Sun!

May you find you’re own niche,

To focus your talents

And join in peace,

With all mankind,

As we do sing

Here comes the Spring!

Blessed be


About crystalstara

I am an intuitive healer and artisan who practices crystal healing for friends and family. I also design and create a range of jewellery for crystal healing! I believe that the time has come for all of us to give something back to the Great Mother Earth to help Her heal in Her hour of need. We are all evolving fast and so is Mother Earth but without healing, which we are all finding we need so much, the Great Mother will be left behind. We need to do all we can to help Her! Please join us in our Circle of Light and help Mother Earth to achieve Her full potential in readiness for 2012! Thank you!

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