Prayer for the Lammas


Dearest Earthlings,

As the Autumn approaches fast,

The harvest is gathered in,

Golden glory everywhere,

Grains of corn and ting,

Children playing in the fields,

Dancing, prancing like a Unicorn

Love to all we send

With joy everlasting in Our hearts

We gather in our bounty

The Great Mother’s natural beauty

Giving to everyone

Ever-loving, ever-giving

Protecting all of Her

Giving life to all of Us

Prayers to Her we send

Thank you for the harvest

Thank you for Our lives

Thank you Great Mother

For being bountiful!

For being beautiful!

For being ever forgiving of Our souls

For being ever near

For a soul that’s clear!

Thank you!



About crystalstara

I am an intuitive healer and artisan who practices crystal healing for friends and family. I also design and create a range of jewellery for crystal healing! I believe that the time has come for all of us to give something back to the Great Mother Earth to help Her heal in Her hour of need. We are all evolving fast and so is Mother Earth but without healing, which we are all finding we need so much, the Great Mother will be left behind. We need to do all we can to help Her! Please join us in our Circle of Light and help Mother Earth to achieve Her full potential in readiness for 2012! Thank you!

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