Crystal Stara was born out of an idea to unite people of Earth to heal the Great Mother in one Circle of Light!

I believe that as we are all evolving in readiness for 2012, so too is the Earth. WE feel with the Earth as She is our everything. To ensure this evolution happens as to the prophecy of the Mayans we need to ensure that Mother Earth receives Our Light of Healing! Much damage has been done to the Earth and Her tribal peoples. Their land has been taken from them in the name of development. Nowadays we like to think of sustainable development and eco-living and this is going full circle back to the ways of these original tribal peoples. However Ceremony and holding the Earth sacred is about much more than this. It takes a true Lightworker to feel and sense the Earth’s needs and perform a ceremony of healing for the Great Mother Earth! We can all achieve this in our lifetime and live once again sacredly upon the Earth in harmony with Her!

Please make a pledge to Crystal Stara to give of yourself in some way you be feel right! On our website is a message page where you can send details of what you are doing for the Circle and I can add this to the page. If you are a healer or spiritual person with your own blog or website then please add details as I would love to link to you! Thank you!

Welcome to the Circle of Light – Crystal Stara!

Kind Blessings!

Lady Ravenmoon


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