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Prayer for the Samhain!

Zschiz! The bats are out tonite!

Dear all who follow Crystal Stara!
Wishing you all a Happy Hallowe’en and wonderful New Year full of magic!
As the year turns from Autumn into Winter, we remember our Ancestors who came before us and all they have to teach. The sacred ways have been passed down through generations to bring us wisdom from the Elders. It is the time of the Crone Goddess and we welcome Her into Our lives to bring Her special magic.
The Crone Aspect of the Goddess Ana is known as Ceridwen and She keeps a Cauldron of Wisdom for those initiates who wish to partake of Her Ceremony. She brings us the wisdom of ancient times when Her magic was respected on Earth and allows us to share in Her knowledge of Earth Healing! We of Crystal Stara learn much from this sacred Goddess and Her ways. For this reason, I write a prayer to Ceridwen here to help you share in Her wisdom:

Sacred and Wise Crone, Ceridwen
Goddess of the Samhain
With your Sisters, Hecate and Baba Yaga
The Elders in the Goddess Circle
The Wise Wimmin
May we share in Your Cauldron of Plenty
May You bring us knowledge as we drink
May Your wisdom imbue Your potion with magic
To bring rebirth and healing
May we understand our true path with a heart
May our ways be lit by Your guidance
May the true essence of the Great Goddess be with us always
May we learn how we can help heal the Earth with Your great powers
May all beings be at peace this Samhain
May we ready ourselves for this time of Great Change
May we be prepared for the evolution of Earth and the Second Coming of the Messiah
May Your Great Blessings shine across the Earth
Blessed Be, Amen, Aho!